Decided to move site to a blog

In 1994, just after the birth of the modern, graphical web, I registered my surname domain (  Over the past 20 years, it has been home to many different sites, changing with the times as technologies and needs have changed.  At different times, it has been dedicated solely to different goals ranging from being a professional site to focusing on a trip around the world.  For nearly two decades I ran my own servers in a commercial data center.  But due to relocation, I have taken those servers off-line, and this opens new possibilities for me.

So I have decided to create an entirely new web site, using WordPress to create a blogging site.  The idea of having informal posts to share ideas seems interesting, and so that’s what I plan to do for the forseeable future.  I hope you enjoy the ideas.  Feel free to contact me about any of these materials.

John Hokkanen (JohnH)