Kuala Lumpur – Food

The mixture of cultures in Malaysia makes for incredible cuisine, with foods, spices, and techniques combining in very interesting ways. Here are some images of the sort of dining opportunities. We went over to Jalan Alor, a restaurant row in an area between Chinatown and the Petronas towers. It’s a giant street food fest, which makes for great atmosphere as the area is alive with people enjoying the varieties of foods. The “restaurants” (if you want to call them that) are really outdoor hawker stalls with seating/tables. Some are large and some are not.


This evening (which was two nights ago, but I was too tired to blog) we had satay so to speak. Vegetables and meats on sticks with sauces. Here’s an image of the hawker stall from which we chose our food.


We had a plentiful variety of sticks which are color-coded by price. We had green beans, baby bok choy, corn on the cob, broccoli, chicken, and a whole lobster. We had been walking for hours, so we were pretty hungry. The total cost was about $12 each, though we probably ate a bit too much. The peanut sauce and hot chili sauce was great. The chicken, corn, and lobster were all grilled while the veggies were boiled in chicken broth.

We had come there a couple of nights before, and had straits Chinese at one of the other restaurants. This time the dishes were vegetarian except some grilled pork, which are below. These were good, but not as good, in my opinion, as the satay which was excellent.


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