We arrived in Penang yesterday. (See post below about one of the historic mansions.) Among the activities was going to Line Clear, an Indian restaurant just a half mile from our hotel in the area bordering historic Georgetown. This place was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s CNN show, and it was true to his representation. It is a 24×7 hawker stall just off the main drag, though we came in through a side entrance of a parking lot. It shuts down only one day a month. Cost for a large plate of rice, vegetable (cabbage?), and 1/4 chicken was 8RM, which is about $2.50US.

Clear Line

After dinner, we went over to one of the local squares where there was a “tourism” event which included an auto show and dancing and music. This is the low season, so I thought that it was a bit odd to have a tourist event, but then the local official got up and spoke for 20-30 minutes about how important tourism was to the locals, and I realized that it was an event to talk to the locals about how important tourism is to Penang. Some of the traditional dance was interesting, but then it featured young people dance troupes that were doing what I would describe as Straits MTV dance. Their version of Bolllywood dancing with traditional music and attire, but modernish line dancing.

We also went over to the auto light show, which was very odd. The young men had spiced up their cars with loud sound systems that also featured lights. Here’s an image as it is hard to describe as I had not seen anything like this.

Light Show

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