Pali Rainbow

I drive home for dinner after a visiting a resident at home. It is quiet here. It is always quiet here. No blaring music, honking cares, sirens, loud voices, or traffic jams. I know each person I pass on the road and we wave to one another. As I turn down my street, looking left, a wide-arced rainbow graces the sky next to the pali (cliff). How can one NOT stop and ooh and aah? In fact, I see others in the settlement doing the same; walking onto the street, looking in the same direction. Rainbows have a way of bringing us outside in unison; pointing our cameras all in the same direction, hoping to capture for eternity a moments dazzling light show.

Pali Rainbow

Rainbows are everywhere here. I have never seen so many…ever. Appearing suddenly, I struggle to take the perfect picture, sometimes missing the brilliant hues for want of the BEST rainbow picture ever. There’s something hopeful, fresh, and dynamic about the phenomenon of light reflecting and refracting through water droplets in the atmosphere; a simple, spontaneous gift of the moment, in a very beautiful place.


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