After much delay….

I was very busy at work for the past 5 months working on the production system for the stress testing for First Hawaiian Bank. Consequently, I had not been able to write, and even though I took a trip to New Zealand, I never got around to posting any photos from that lovely tour.

But I’ve made a commitment to do a little better job, and I am now in Borneo (Malaysia side) in Kota Kinabalu. KK is a town right on the South China Sea in one of the most prolific seafood areas in the world. For that reason alone, we went to the local seafood market. It was much smaller than I expected, but it’s just servicing the KK market and so I guess that’s why it is sized the way that it is.

As you can see from the above photo, the sales people for the fisherman display the wares to attract attention.

In this photo, you can see the brightly colored parrot fish for sale. There was a wide array of fish, including mackerel, grouper, bigeyes, pompano, sharks of a number of varieties, rays, squid, shrimp of all sizes up to 1/2 to 1 pound each, and big fish like wahoo and tuna, and some barracuda-like fish (which may have been barracuda). There were plenty of fish of all shapes and sizes that I could not identify.

Later that afternoon, we went to one of the local seafood restaurants and had fresh fish and prawns prepared. The fish was about a 1.5 pound snapper, and the prawns were large. The fish was prepared Thai-style, fried with a Chili sauce, and the prawns were steamed. Leafy vegetables were stir-fried.


The evening ended with a cocktails down at the boardwalk with a sunset on the South China Sea watching the fishing boats rocked as they were in anchor until going out later that evening.


More to be posted.

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