Proboscis Monkeys

The law of unintended consequences…..No matter what you do, you will have unintended consequences. For example, Rudy Guiliani decides that it is bad news for people to have heart attacks in New York due to trans fats. So, he single handedly brought about the wiping out of huge amounts of ancient rain forest. How’s that? Rudy gets his legislation passed in NY city. Trans fats were critical in lots of foods to keep the consistency of the food correct. Think Oreos. Lovely cream filling as long as the oil doesn’t separate and make it all gooey. So the major cookie manufacturers like Nabisco see Rudy’s legislation and decides the time has come to make the switch so that they don’t have to worry about this sort of legislation. But what to use? The singular alternative is palm oil. And so these companies started buying large quantities of palm oil. Which resulted in LOTS of people in places like Malaysia razing the forest to the ground to plant palm oil plantations to provide the supply. Thus, Rudy wiped out large swaths of rainforest with his legislation in a most unintended way.

We saw these palm plantations covering VAST areas of Borneo. One of these landowners saw the proboscis monkeys about to get wiped out from his mangrove forest, and so he left a small corner of it to make it a proboscis monkey preserve. (They’re found nowhere else but Borneo.) Here are some photos.




According to National Geographic, scientists think the large nose amplifies the large males calls for both controlling their group and warding off competitors.

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