Rainforest Discovery Center

We went over to the Rainforest Discovery Center which is a science educational center with a lot of trails and canopy walk right through the jungle. Here’s an example of the jungle that I refer to, and you can see the canopy walk below. We’re at about 100 feet up, and the canopy walk is about 65 feet up.


We also hired a private guide to take us on a night walk. He started by showing us the flying monkeys, which truly glide from tree to tree as they make their way around the forest at night. You can see this one crouching right before he jumps and the inset shows him flying through the air.


As we went through the jungle, we saw all sorts of creatures. Kate spotted this Mangrove snake, a rear-fanged poisonous snake. This snake was probably about 7 feet long, though we only saw a portion of him as he slithered by us.


We even saw a slow moving lori, which is a primate that comes out at night. He moves around the trees eating insects and fruit. In this photo, he is hanging upside down as we came upon him.


We also saw insects like this cave centipede. This is one of the more ancient forms of centipedes, but they do have poisonous bites which are painful.


In terms of insects, we also saw this 3 foot long bee hive on one of the very tall trees. There were multiple beehives in this tree.


Finally, we saw a Malay badger. They aren’t actually a badger, but really a skunk.


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