Walking around Kyoto

We came to Japan for a holiday, and we have been having a great time. First, I’ll comment on an interesting aspect of celebrity. Here’s a photo that I took of people photographing.


The car is mobbed. As you can see there is a Geisha in the car. Geishas are basically entertainers who use the ancient arts to entertain their guests. They usually have skills like singing or playing traditional musical instruments. They are also taught in the polite ways of entertaining their guests (mostly men) by making them feel smart and manly through conversation, laughing at their jokes, etc. They have very expensive clothes. And years of training.

As a result, they become celebrities of sorts. In Kyoto today, I led the way over to the part of town where Geishas might be seen in the evening coming from one of their venues. I thought that these women were sort of like animals in an open habitat, and people were there looking for them. When I saw the mobbed car, it immediately confirmed my thoughts that these women were somewhat trapped by their own celebrity. They can’t step out of the house without being mobbed and gawked at. Do they ever get used to it? They certainly do not get to escape it.

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