Kate likes tofu. I’ve become used to it. In Tokyo, I looked at the list of best vegetarian restaurants, and one of them specialized in tofu. So we went.

This was a true restaurant experience. Kate ordered the vegetarian course (about 7 courses), and I had the non-vegetarian course (which was about 5 vegetarian courses and a couple of fish courses). The cost was about $50/person, so this was a real gastronomic experience. It did not disappoint. We had tofu in soup, which seemed familiar. The steamed tofu which we put in a soy dipping sauce was the creamiest tofu that I have ever tasted; it had the texture of ice cream.

My personal favorite were the grilled versions. Here’s a photo.


The larger of the two pieces was grilled with what tasted like a burned butter exterior. VERY tasty indeed with a crispy exterior and soft interior and delightful taste. The other piece was grilled but was smeared with what I believe was a black bean sauce (it could have been a tamarind sauce, but I think it was black bean). The taste combination was AWESOME.

If American restaurants could cook vegetarian food like this instead of hard raw vegetables, they might actually become popular. In this regard I am on the same page as Anthony Bourdain.

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