Dubrovnik – Don’t Miss It

So far on my sabbatical we have traveled in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. All of them deserve some sort of comments as they are all interesting. But as inspiring as Paris is, visually speaking, Dubrovnik is a rival in a completely different kind of way. Here’s the view as you approach the city from the southeast along the main road. The arrow shows approximately where we are staying in the old town.


I have not been to a walled city as spectacular as this one, and I now understand why Game of Thrones selected it to be King’s Landing. Visually stunning. At all turns. Twisty little walking passages which reminded me a little of a Greek island town. If you are in the area (i.e., Greece or Italy), you should make the trip; whatever your expectations, it will not disappoint you. The Adriatic is beautiful, and with the exception of some rain and clouds some of the time during the fall, it is really nice and pleasant. And everywhere you look, every step you take, you’re in a place much older than the United States and most of Europe. Here’s the view from the window next to my computer.


A few notes:
– We are here in the slow season by deliberate choice. Prices must be astronomical during the summer, but housing is reasonable at this time of year.
– Crowds in the summer are also astronomical. If you like the jazz associated with ten thousand tourists on the same street, then come in July. At this time of year, the core tourist window is 11am to 4pm when the thousands from the cruise ships come over to the old town for a half day. If you’d rather explore more quiet streets, then explore early or late.
– I definitely recommend staying in the old walled city. You feel the pace of the place, hear the town bells, experience the quietude of the evening.
– I have not been eating out, and though the cafes all look fine, many report that they are mediocre and high priced. But you can get pizza and sandwiches at local bakeries at a nominal cost though it isn’t a hot plate meal. Groceries are very reasonable even within the walled city, though not as cheap as Montenegro or Bulgaria.
– If you have a student ID as I do, make sure to bring it as the cost is highly discounted even compared to the multi-pass that they sell. And you can go when you want and are not tied to just a couple of days of the multi-pass.

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