What do four emojis say about Finland?

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Finland supporters have secretly been supporting the submission of four emojis to the super-secret emoji selection board in Silicon Valley that decides what goes on our smart phones. I guess involvement in this stems from the old Nokia days where they controlled handset production. And here are the four emojis that Finland believes describe their country.

Clockwise from top left: Sauna, socks (presumably for colder-than-cold weather?), girl power, and heavy metal.

The sauna emoji was a no-brainer as many homes have their own personal sauna and it is even part of the business culture. And socks was obvious, unless it means something other than dress warmly. But the ones that I thought were really interesting were “girl power” and “heavy metal.” Finland has had a women president, and they are incredibly progressive, but this was really a pleasant surprise. As far as heavy metal, the only thing I know is that they host the wold championships in air guitar, and that there is a lot of heavy metal all over northern Europe. I don’t know what the post-modernist literary illuminati would say about this latter emoji. Maybe it’s just FUN!

BUT, here’s my question. What about the ice-fishing shack?  For more emoji fun (and to download more emojis), visit this Finnish web site.

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