Walk over to the fort next door

If you watch Game of Thrones, then you know the Red Keep. It’s adjacent to the old town, but is a fort apart from it, and it protects the entrance to a protected little cove. It’s not a small fort, but it’s a lot smaller than the old town, and so they built it much higher. Thus, it allows a better lookout on to the Adriatic and over the old town as well. They film many scenes here because it’s not occupied, and I am sure setup and set management is much easier than within the old town.

I don’t usually post photos of myself, but Kate took a good one, and so here I am with at the top of the fort, with the adjacent old town and Adriatic behind me. Visit Dubrovnik, it is really a very rare place. But if you visit from April through October, be prepared for unbelievable crowds.


One thought on “Walk over to the fort next door”

  1. Hi John! I am a fellow Game of Thrones watcher and I loved how you saw something from the set! My aunt has visited Dubrovnik where they kidnapped the dragons to and Croatia where they saw the dungeon where they have been keeping the two smaller dragons in! They are all super fantastic places to visit. Love the post.


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