Split – Swanky Croatia With Great Customer Service

Apartment Link: Garden Apartment (Use them!)

What Dubrovnik has with old-world charm, Split has with vibrancy. Split’s history is older, with its Roman buildings dating back to the 4th century. Here is an image of the Roman Emperor’s retirement home (which sported 700 servants). Some of the buildings are remarkable given their age. The construction was massive.


In addition to the ancient buildings, there’s just a lot of commerce. As a port, one sees lots of travelers moving about off the ferries which go up and down and across the Adriatic to Italy. Many restaurants. Food is a lot less expensive than in Dubrovnik, and Kate and I bought a 12″ pizza and a foot long sandwich yesterday for a total of about $2.75. Coffee costs about $1.25 per cup and is excellent.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to my Apartman Garden apartment building where we are staying. These people are FANTASTIC! Super responsive and FRIENDLY! Our Dubrovnik experience was mixed, but these people understand the ways of customer service. Let me give two examples. First, they had an espresso machine inside the apartment. I had some trouble operating it, and the assistant manager came over. He had some trouble with it, so they brought a second one. While we were working to set that up, the manager noticed that we were missing a little ring to create pressure on part of it. So, he got an extra ring, and I was in business. AWESOME coffee in the morning.

My second example relates to the wifi. They have several wifi routers, and I had no problems the night before. But for unknown reasons, my machine was having some trouble this morning. I had noticed an Ethernet port on the wall, and asked about that. The assistant manager asked, “Do you want that turned on?” I said, “Heck yeah!” and pulled out my Ethernet cable. Within five minutes I had blazing speeds out to the Net.

What really impressed me about this was the manager did not give me any grief about needing to help me. HE WAS HAPPY TO HELP ME so that I could get my work done. He was HAPPY to hear how happy I was with the Internet speed. Of course there can be issues anywhere you go when you travel. All you can ask is to have helpful problem resolution. In 7 months of travel, I haven’t seen any hotel or guest house as friendly and customer service as they are. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Here’s a link: Garden Apartment And just a 3 minute walk from the old town.

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