Completed Masters in Data Science

I finished my Masters degree in data science from Northwestern University this past week.*  I had a fabulous team for my final Capstone project class.  The group wanted to work on a text mining project, so I recommended using a dataset over at Kaggle on the Meyers Briggs Temperament Indicator.  Our goal was to identify which personality archetype a person was based on a single sentence of a posting.

The the video presentation that we created follows. My portion about the data and model development begins about seven minutes into the presentation:

I handled the modeling portion of the project, and so I created models in both Python and R.  The neural network models used both TensorFlow and Keras, running on the GPU card in my computer.  In addition, I created a naive Bayes and Support Vector Machine set of models.  Then I combined these models into an ensemble, and my final ensemble was significantly better than a random guess.

Now that I have finished the program, I am now looking for data science work.  If you know of an engaging opportunity, please contact me.

*The program has now been renamed Masters of Science in Data Science, but because of my entry date into the program, the name of my degree is Masters of Science in Predictive Analytics.