Google IO Developer Keynote

The Denver Google Developer Group set up a meeting to watch the simulcast broadcast of the keynote by Sundar Pichal and related speeches.  The meeting was held over at GoSpotCheck, a startup doing retail inventory verification using AI and machine learning.

The keynote echoed the expected themes: vision, audio, and AI.  Google is developing the building block technologies to increase the amount of AI and machine learning tools that can be deployed.  This means that they not have AI training boards that can do petaflops of computations, they have new libraries for audio and vision, they have expanded TensorFlow to include more than just tensors/neural nets (i.e., other machine learning algorithms like random forest and support vector machine), and they are creating TensorFlow libraries that will run with javascript.  This means that AI models can be pushed down to Android cell phones and tablets and can also call upon their off-the-shelf tools that they have developed.

Bottom line: Between Caffe2,  TensorFlow, Python, and R, there are an abundance of open source tools to do machine learning.

On the meeting side, I met some great people doing interesting development, and I even won a Google laptop bag as one of the raffle prizes!

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