Back to Civ Tech

I have the great pleasure to report that I am back in civic technology.  I my new role as a data scientist with the State of Colorado, I will be merging siloed datasets from different agencies to create usable, anonymized data that researchers and policy makers can use to inform public policy recommendations!

Just a bit more about my new position….I am working for the University of Denver as a contractor to the Office of Information Technology for the State of Colorado.  I will be working across the various agencies and with IT and the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab’s LINC (Linked Information Network of Colorado project).  This is a great opportunity to do important work for the state of Colorado.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of projects that I will be working on:

– Does rapid intervention with runaway children improve outcomes (graduation, criminal convictions/arrest, etc.)?

– What are the primary factors affecting non-custodial parents in the timely payment of child support payments?

What factors are associated with multi-system utilizers of the Colorado health care system?

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