Here are some links I find interesting or useful.


Visualization and Design


  • R and RStudio
  • Backup and print your ebooks (kindle, nook) by removing the digital rights mangement (DRM) and printing with a generic ebook program.  You need two programs: 1) the de-DRMing software; and 2) an ebook reader for changing formats and printing.  I downloaded 1) ApprenticeAlf’s tool ; and 2) Calibre.  I can now easily move books that I buy around on my various systems without having to using the KindleApp which solves a number of problems.  For example, Kindle for Android does not have text to speech, but one can download other programs if one has the books in .mobi format.

Interesting Technologies

  • Inexpensive Drone with Camera – Think of the business applications!
  • Makerbot 3D Printer (uses ABS plastic and prints to a 100 microns)
  • IfByPhone – The interesting thing about this company is that it can connect your web site to telephony applications via their web service.  For example, if someone logs in using their phone number and has a problem, it can connect a help call to address the problem in real time.  But it is sort of expensive depending on how you use it.
  • Lumosity – Brain games designed to stimulate neural growth, especially short term working memory.  Some of the games seem to enhance performance on key memory tasks.  Very interesting stuff.   I bought a one year subscription to fully test out the idea.


Other Links

  • Auditorium: A very interesting game
  • Google Voice: Transfer your cell phone number, direct your cell phone to your home phone, skype phone, office phone and never have to use cell phone minutes again.  Oh, you can get a contract phone from TMobile and have calls go to it as well just in case you are on the road.
  • GPS Visualizer site – allows one to convert excel spreadsheet data into GPX format for uploading into a handheld GPS unit.

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